TWeb's features are separated into two distinct parts: management and environmental. TWeb's management features include:

  1. Load and unload files to and from the Corporate Internet/ Intranet
  2. Send and receive e-mail messages, with attachments, to and from any person within or outside the organization
  3. Send and receive instant messages to co-workers who are on-line
  4. Use Internet search engines and Internet Website as a resource to conduct research, collect information, etc.
  5. Use telephone to make and receive calls from co-workers, customers, vendors, etc.
  6. Use voice mail to record messages
  7. Use telephone to conduct conference calls when needed
  8. Use video teleconferencing as needed to conduct various meetings, consultative sessions, interviews, etc.

TWeb Optional Features

  • Instant messaging between the telecommuter, co-workers, managers (who can be telecommuting too) and the Operations Center.
  • Video-conferencing between telecommuters, their managers or their teams.
  • Optional video camera to randomly monitor where the person is, if they are at a specific location, desk or workstation.
  • Track who is on-line at any given time and how much time they spend on-line, # of pages produced, lines of code, schematics, etc.

Environmental Benefits Section

A) Measure Reduction in Travel Miles and Vehicle Traffic

The purpose of this module is twofold: Measure the reduction in travel miles to and from work due to telecommuting and Measure the reduction in the number of vehicles traveling on major traffic arteries.

TWeb Application for State and Local Authorities

The TWeb software can be linked to state and local transportation authorities computers where the data gathered by various telecommuting organizations in the region can be downloaded and processed in order to:

  1. Aggregate the data from all telecommuting organizations and merge it into their database
  2. Measure overall reduction in travel miles for the whole region based on the data provided by the telecommuting organizations
  3. Measure overall reduction in the number of vehicles traveling in the major traffic arteries in the region based on the data provided by the telecommuting organizations
  4. Correlate the data to real time traffic patterns. Transportation agencies can correlate the data obtained in (c) above, to live camera traffic monitoring systems in the field and measure the impact of telecommuting on traffic congestion. Since the information on who is telecommuting and when is available in advance, by accessing such information transportation authorities may even be able to predict traffic patterns such as light traffic, medium, heavy or congested on a daily basis.
  5. Continuously monitor impact of telecommuting on traffic patterns and plan future transportation needs based on this information.

B) Measure Reduction in Vehicle Emissions

Since a method has been established to monitor the reduction in vehicle traffic and the number of miles traveled, the next step is to measure the reduction in emissions due to the fact that these vehicles are idle.

TWeb Application for Tracking Pollution Reduction by EPA and/or other State Agencies

The TWeb software can be linked to pollution monitoring systems operated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state environmental agencies to monitor the impact of telecommuting on vehicle emission levels nationwide. Pollution reduction data gathered from all the telecommuting organizations can be downloaded into federal and local government agencies central computers, where the following functions may be performed:

  1. Aggregate the data from all telecommuting organizations and merge into their database.
  2. Measure overall telecommuting pollution reduction for regions, states and the entire country based on the data gathered in (1)
  3. Correlate data to real time pollution monitoring systems to validate the data generated in (2).
  4. Predict and plan pollution reduction based on future telecommuting patterns.
  5. Calculate Pollution Reduction Credits for each organization automatically.

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