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Basic Capabilities

  • Powerful organizational chart interface
  • Develop and track multiple incentive plans
  • Develop infinite organization levels
  • Define incentive plan over multiple fiscal years
  • Customize data fields and tags
  • Multi-level security access
  • Internet/Intranet accessible

Goal Setting

  • Define annual strategic objectives
  • Multi-level goal setting with targets
  • Multi-level goal inheriting with targets
  • Goal editing based on read/write privileges
  • Multi-level weight distribution for goals
  • Multi-level editing of weights
  • Percent of salary allocated to incentive

Performance Management

  • Unlimited assignment of competencies
  • Multi-level weight distribution
  • Competency Libraries
  • User defined rating system
  • 360 degree multiple review capability
  • Identification of skill development needs
  • Manager and employee notes

Personal Objectives

  • Unlimited goal setting
  • Multi-level weight distribution
  • User defined rating system
  • 360 degree multiple review capability
  • Identification of underperforming areas
  • Manager and employee notes

Informative Manager's Panel

  • Department Goal Summary
  • Employee Review Summary
  • Department Bonus Budget
  • Incentive Payout Approval

Incentive Pay

  • Link incentive pay to financial performance
  • Link incentive plan to strategic goals
  • Link incentive pay to personal performance and objectives
  • Automatic calculation of incentive payout

Plan Setup Reports

  • Corporate goal matrix report
  • Group goal matrix report
  • Score table summary
  • Company goal tree
  • Company incentive budget summary
  • Group budget summary
  • List of plan participants

Employee Reports

  • Goal summary report
  • Goal performance level report
  • Incentive opportunity summary report
  • Incentive progress and payout reports
  • Annual incentive progress summary report

Company & Group Reports

  • Performance ranking report
  • Incentive payout ranking report
  • Incentive payout by groups
  • Underperforming goal report

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